hate him or love him, everyone feels some type of way about kobe bryant. on the day of his last game, we asked the world to give their final word on the mamba.

my role was as lead voice for @nikebasketball on social. kobe’s role was to drop a 60-piece. and together, we may or may not have broken Twitter.

unlike kobe’s performance, this was a huge team effort. full credits here

we launched by asking other nike athletes to give their last word on kobe, and prompted the world to do the same.

then we created a custom #mambaday twitter emoji, putting a swoosh on every mention.


and our national snapchat filter that asked fans to give their last word on the mamba, became the most viewed filter ever.


timeless in real time

Some of us were locked in a room in Portland creating real-time content from @nikebasketball. As the game escalated and Kobe kept scoring, things got a little crazy.